Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sens!tif K3k

Seorang lelaki telah pergi ke sebuah kedai kek untuk memesan sebiji kek sempena hari jadi isterinya. "Apa yang hendak ditulis pada kek ulang tahun ini, encik?" tanya si gadis manis yang bertugas di kaunter kepada lelaki itu.
"Mmmm, tulis saja "Sayang tidak bertambah tua" di bahagian atas, kemudian sambung dengan "Sayang cuma bertambah cantik" di bahagian bawah," kata lelaki itu.
Esoknya, lelaki itu datang mengambil kek yang ditempahnya itu dan terus membawa pulang ke rumah untuk dipersembahkan kepada isterinya yang tersayang di hadapan tetamu-tetamu yang lain. Dan ketika kek itu dibuka di depan isteri dan tetamu undangan yang lain, lelaki itu setengah pengsan ketika membaca tulisan yang tertera di kek itu.


kisah kt atas ni hanya rekaan semata2..
kisah kt bawah ni mmg realiti.. celok dr hyperdad.com..

tajuk post dia

Today is my birthday. My wife sent me a cake…she knows I love Reese’s peanut butter cups and Hershey bars, though I really don’t think 45 is all that old, do you?

Apart from being, uh, apart from my family it’s been a really good birthday. In addition to the cake I got fabulous expressions of love from Louise (written in a different card this time) and the kids, letters, a drawing from my daughter showing her waiting at the airport for me, and the book “Horse Soldiers”. It’s about Special Forces soldiers who rode into battle against the Taliban in 2001 and captured the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. Thanks to my nightly study of Afghanistan and its terrain I now know where that is. Yes, I’m bragging. Take that Ken Jennings!

My Scottish mother-in-law, having no clue about my penis size, sent me a batch of her divine homemade Scottish shortbread cookies. Wait a minute…shortbread? Hmmm… They were carefully packaged and arrived in pristine condition. I don’t ever recall her making these other than at Christmas so it’s a rare treat to have them now, like fresh corn in December in the northern hemisphere. I’ve tried making these cookies and I’ve failed…you’d think sugar, flour, and butter wouldn’t be that hard to mix up but it is. I shared some cookies with my coworkers at, uh, work, and they all raved about them. Only one per customer though, except the woman who noticed I’d lost weight and asked if I was 29…she got 2 cookies.

Tonight at work I’m having some ice cream and I’ll top the day off with a call to the family. The Internet was misbehaving the other night so our webcam chat didn’t happen.

I don’t need a fancy party or gifts to have a great birthday, just some love…and sweets. As a double bonus, since I work nights I sleep during the day, when I get up for work it will still be my birthday. Two birthdays in one day…how cool is that?!

Wait…does that mean I’ll be 46?

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