Monday, June 18, 2012

Bernard Chandran is one of 12 Stylish Daddies


Bernard Chandran - The sexy 44 year-old ‘Chindian’ fashion designer is one of the most prominent figures in Malaysia as he made an epic stand in the country’s fashion industry. Married to the model, Datin Mary Lourdes, the couple now has five gorgeous children. At present, he juggles being the chief designer of reality TV show, Project Runway Malaysia, brand ambassador for the property development company, Ireka Land and more. Hail Malaysia’s ‘King of Fashion’!

- by MSN... klik here

bukan apa... proud to be Malaysian maa~~~~
ye la.. nama yang tersenarai adalah artis-artis Hollywood..

ermm, tapi siapa yang membuat undian ni???

bai de wei,
Selamat Hari Bapa ;)


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